Lost files

This is more of an advert than a blog post, and things have been so crazy lately that I’m afraid I haven’t done a picture to accompany it this time.
It has been a near calamitous week for me because three days ago I lost every piece of digital artwork I’ve ever done. Every picture for every publishing house that has ever commissioned me to do so much as a doodle (as well as a few books that are waiting to go to print) disappeared into thin air, leaving nothing but a very,very empty “backup” hard drive behind it and a sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach. To say I was “agitated” is putting it mildly.

I was on the verge of dishing out hundreds and hundreds of pounds to a local computer maintenance firm to rescue my files when I discovered a little gem of a program called Pandora Recovery.

I just can’t begin to explain to you how much it saved my skin! It rescued every file that I thought was lost, and I now have a backup drive of my backup drive.
If you store digital files on hard drives, download it NOW.

Normal blogging will resume as soon as my nerves settle.



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3 responses to “Lost files

  1. Harvey

    blimey, sounds like a bit of a brown undies moment. that’ll learn you not to make backups. what happened to your hd then, virus?

  2. Harv, two external hard drives went kaput! my work drive and my backup drive. I think it was a virus because Macafee stopped working and a technician had to remotely make changes (that must have been when my Facebook, twitter, etc was compromised). I was a wreck!
    The Master File Table has been lost, so all the rescued files have numbers instead of names, but at least I’ve got them all back.

  3. Harvey

    what a nightmare, but yeah that sounds suspiciously like a virus. i hope nothing like that happens to me – can’t remember the last time I made an external backup..

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