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Busy, busy, busy.

I know, I know…I’ve been neglecting my “blogging” duties, again (see here for further evidence) but this time I’ve got a cast iron excuse.
I have been hugely, extremely, phenomenally, extraordinarily busy. I have been so busy that my skin looks like pale tissue paper and my eyes are the size of plates! I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that I prefer to work in a darkened room, by no other light except that from my monitor; so any prolonged amount of time spent in that sort of working environment really plays havoc with one’s boyish complexion!

Now I’ve a tiny break in my workload I thought I’d fill you in on what I’ve been doing and show you some new bits and pieces.
First off I finished illustrating a play written by Julia Donaldson ( the current Children’s Laureate and the author of “The Gruffalo”, of course) called “The Fish in the Tree”, which is published by Pearson. It was terribly exciting illustrating something written by her, but there was a little hiccup at the start.
The initial designs I did had all the characters wearing contemporary clothes, when they should have been wearing more medieval, old-fashioned stuff. Doh!

Anyway, with a bit of tweaking they went from looking like this…

Must try harder Mr Elkerton.

to this.

Much better.

Andy’s Tip of the Day: When you get an art brief read it slowly and then re-read it, slower still. Do not excitedly jump in feet first, especially when it’s for Julia Donaldson.

I’ve also done a couple of stories for Macmillan Publishing.
The first was about a little group of very adventurous toys, and what happens when they go out into the world.
Here they are.

The second was about a very regal elephant and her canine best friend.

Here’s a book cover for Oxford University Press. The Lunar Buggy was thought to be a bit too toy-like at first, so I tried to add a bit of realism to it.

I’ve also done a book for Scholastic, lots of educational stuff for Nelson Thornes, and a couple of book covers for Usborne. None of these are currently in circulation, so I can’t show you any at the moment.

Next up I’m doing a big project that’s going to last something like a year and a half.
Who knows, by mid 2014 I might be so pale that I’m transparent!
Hmm…I bet there’s a book in there somewhere.


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