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Lost files

This is more of an advert than a blog post, and things have been so crazy lately that I’m afraid I haven’t done a picture to accompany it this time.
It has been a near calamitous week for me because three days ago I lost every piece of digital artwork I’ve ever done. Every picture for every publishing house that has ever commissioned me to do so much as a doodle (as well as a few books that are waiting to go to print) disappeared into thin air, leaving nothing but a very,very empty “backup” hard drive behind it and a sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach. To say I was “agitated” is putting it mildly.

I was on the verge of dishing out hundreds and hundreds of pounds to a local computer maintenance firm to rescue my files when I discovered a little gem of a program called Pandora Recovery.

I just can’t begin to explain to you how much it saved my skin! It rescued every file that I thought was lost, and I now have a backup drive of my backup drive.
If you store digital files on hard drives, download it NOW.

Normal blogging will resume as soon as my nerves settle.


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