I’ve been meaning to post this for a while, but a severe case of “hopelessness” has prevented me from doing so.

Back in the dim and distant past that was the month of March I wrote about the uber-talented Amanda Sutton, who I commissioned to take one of my pictures and make it into one of her amazing creations.
Here’s the final thing, and the images he’s based upon.


He’s fantastic! He’s got a gun, and a little set of keys, and big, brass wings, and everything.
He currently lords it over the living room from up his position up high, perched like a rodent Batman (Ratman?) ready to swoop on injustice as soon as the rest of us have gone to bed.

The latest injustice we’re the victims of is that we’ve been infiltrated by a single slug (before anyone raises an eyebrow we live in a “currently” rather damp and wild part of Scotland), who leaves us a fresh silvery trail across the carpet each morning.
As of yet the Rat has done nothing.

I’ll keep you posted.


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