A few nights ago I watched the Norwegian horror film “Trollhunter”.
It’s been done in the style of a mockumentary (horrible word) and obvious comparisons have been made between it and The Blair Witch Project.

I still haven’t seen The Blair Witch Project all the way through, though I have tried.
It’s not that it scares me witless, it’s just that the camera work makes me motion sick. It jumps about like the guy operating it is on a pogo-stick.
I feel ill spinning around on a swivel chair. If someone calls my name and I turn my head too quickly I immediately fall to the floor…(well not really, but you get the idea) so it’s no surprise that the only time I tried to watch it I had to stumble upstairs for a lie down after only twenty minutes.

I am a wuss.

Anyway, Trollhunter is an enjoyable movie though it could do with losing fifteen minutes or so, as it begins to drag after a while. The Trolls however look great, especially the Giant that appears at the end.

So, inspired by a low-budget, independently made horror movie I decided to dream up a Troll Hunter of my own.

Click on me.

When I design a character I like to keep the image pretty rough, as I usually end up painting right over it when I begin to work in Photoshop. As you can see though, this image is a bit more detailed than normal so I decided to keep the line work visible in the finished piece.

Here he is.

The Troll Hunter. Click on me too.

Initially I didn’t have a clue about what kind of environment to put him in, or whether I was even going to add a Troll at all. I played around with the idea of making the final image very closely cropped with a giant Troll hand reaching down from the top, but it just didn’t look right. In the end I pretty much made it up as I went along and did the landscape without doing any initial rough designs at all. I think it works though.
There’s a bit more I can do to the picture before I’m happier with it. Some goats scattering in the path of the Troll, perhaps?
I’ll sleep on it, then post the final piece as soon as it’s done.



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2 responses to “TROLLLLLLL!

  1. Great post – fun content about trolls AND artwork – who could ask for more?

  2. Barry the Millionaire Horse

    the blair witch project is one of the more hideous, overrated excuses for a film i have ever had the misfortune to see! It makes the very idea of such idiotic films as Snakes on a Plane seem almost appealing… One day i must get round to putting pen to paper and scripting Bears on a Bus…. Anyways, that aside…. I do like your picture!

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